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5 Star Reviews in the Puget Sound Area

"This place has been the most helpful electrical company that we have contacted in the last week. We have left messages at other places and have not received a call back. Last night, we had an electrical problem that caused us to shut down our circuit box and have no electricity for half the day. My fiancé called this company THIS MORNING and they sent out a guy for an appointment at 9am. He showed up ON TIME and was so efficient. Brad helped us and said that he had this specific part in his office and could replace our circuit breaker. He came back, fixed our problem so fast, and was out of there by 10:30am. I would highly recommend this place! Thanks for your help."
"I chose this company on the recommendation of my realtor and I'm so glad I did! We had a pretty big list--upgrading the service panel, wiring the whole house with data jacks, installing a few outlets both inside and outside the house, running new circuits for future use, adding 3-way switches in a couple rooms, basically everything we didn't like about the house we'd just purchased. They got it all done faster than expected and were great about communicating when we were going to be totally without power so that we could make alternate plans for that time. They also stopped and asked when they didn't think one of the projects was going to look exactly how I expected and were very flexible when I made changes on the fly. And they billed exactly what was quoted as soon as the work was completed. Most importantly, they did an AMAZING job cleaning up after themselves. We hired several contractors for various projects this past year and I really got a great appreciation for the lengths they went to to vacuum up after themselves and leave our home clean. I would definitely hire them again if I needed anything else done (although I think they all but re-wired a couple rooms in the house at this point)."
"We were in a pickle as the handyman we had scheduled to put in some ground wires did not show up when our new cabinets come in the next day. This company was very responsive by phone to try to get someone over here. We went with someone else who was closer, but it should be noted that this company was very professional, helpful and cared about our situation. It should also be noted that they are a family owned business that has been in around for many years. It's hard to find an electrician because they are so busy so you can keep these guys as someone to call as I will."
"I have worked with the guys at C&R years as a general contractor. In addition they have changed out our electrical service panel, meter base and weatherhead. All done correctly, on time and perfect workmanship. I know a little about electrical inspections, I am a home inspector and teach the inspection trade. I called them in on another electrical problem at my house. Weird one, half the bedrooms had no power, all breakers on. 10 minutes after they arrived they were done! It turns out that problem was self inflicted, I had changed out a light fixture and a wirenut was loose, and thus I killed the power to the back of the home. They are real pros, do great work and reasonable rates."
"I have been working with the guys at C & R for nearly 30 years, have hired them to work on my own home, and referred them to many clients. Always been pleased with the level of service and professionalism."
"Called C&R on the recommendation of my realtor after buying a house which needed some serious electrical work. They came out and took a look at the scope of the project. Receptors were ungrounded, polarity was reversed, and there was some sketchy wiring throughout. The also needed to rig a 220 line for a clothes dryer. After scheduling service, they came out and worked on the place for about 4 days. The electricians were great guys who were always prompt and did a great job. I also had them add a few outlets to both the interior and exterior, as well as add a security light outside.I have some more work to be done in the kitchen and bath and will have them do the work as well. Highly recommended."